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Commonly mispronounced words

Word Pronunciation
Abgenix ab JEN ix
Accenture ak SEN ture (Not "Assenture")
Akamai AHK uh my
Al-Qaeda kah EE duh
Allergan AL uhr gun
Jeff Bezos ( BAY zohs (Not "Beezos")
Richard Boucher BOW tchur (Like "ouch")
Canal Plus kuh NAHL PLOOS (Common useage pronunciation in France)
CBS Marketwatch Roster  
Chiat Day SHY uht DAY
Sony Clie klee AY
Compaq Computer COM pak (Not "compact")
ConAgra kahn AG ra (Like "AGRIculture")
Conseco kahn SEE ko
Credit Suisse First Boston SWEES (Not "swiss")
Crusoe chip CROO soh (Not "cah ROO so")
Dae Woo DAY WOO (Not "dye woo")
Daimler Chrysler DIME lur
Delphi Del fye
Deutsche Bank DOITSH uh (Not "doitsh")
Ehud Barak AY hude buh ROCK
Eyjafjallajökull oyuh FYOTLUH yokuhtl (Or you could just write around it)
Gannett guh NET
Genome JEE nome
Genomics juh NOME iks
Gnome (Linux interface) guh NOME
Hyundai HUN day (Rhymes with "Monday")
Informix in FOR mix
Intel IN tel (Not "in TEL")
Kerr McGee rhymes with "her" (Not "care")
Lehman Brothers LEE mun (Not "Laymun")
Linux LIH nucks (Short "i")
Mac OS X oh ess ten (Not "oh ess ex")
Peregrine Systems PAIR uh grin (Rhymes with "spin")
Qatar KUH ter (Rhymes with "gutter")
Quokka KWAH kah (Not "KWOH kah")
REIT REET (Real Estate Investment Trust)
Salomon Smith Barney SAHL oh mun (Like King Solomon)
SG Cowan COW un (Not COH un)
Silicon Valley SIL ih cahn (Not "silicone")
Sotheby's SUTH uh beez
Terra Haute TARE uh hote
Thomas Weisel WIZE il
Unilever YOON uh leever
Unisys YOON uh sis
Verizon Rhymes with "horizon"
Weyerhaeuser WAY er how zer
Willamette wil AM it (Rhymes with "dammit!")